Designer Stalker – Cheyenne Morris

Love is a fickle thing and you never know when it will strike. We were recently zapped with fresh fondness for a line that’s been under our noses for some time. The collection that inspired such affection is Tashkent by Cheyenne, a lovely line of unfussy, unostentatious, and thoroughly unique shoes from the Brooklyn-dwelling designer Cheyenne Morris.

Beloved by the fashion cognoscenti (both indie and traditional alike), the line does a daring and difficult thing. The shoes are current and cool without being “trendy” per se, so there’s no fear that your selection will look dated when the season’s over. For those of you who like their footwear to have fashionable pedigrees, take comfort in the fact that the line has been blessed by Phillip Lim, who used Tashkent shoes in his spring show last year. Ms. Morris also collaborated with Brian Reyes recently and provided gorgeous heels for his Fall 08 show.

This season there are so many crush-inducing options available from Tashkent that it makes decisions difficult. How can one choose between the washed metallic linen Sanchez, the cool shape of the J. Cole wedge booties, and the perfect sand color of the Weahly woven wedges? All absolutely perfect for that zazzy summer outfit and your Gucci sunglasses. Or figure out if the black leather wrap-around Zidane heels trump the burnt sienna Charlton flats or the Givenchy-esque Baggio sandals? Sadly, dear readers, we don’t have the answer for you. You’ll have to make that love match yourself!

The Charlton  ($396)
These leather woven flats have lots of lovely nuances, like a large cutout and buckle closure at the ankle. They’re available in tan, as shown above, and bronze.

The Weahly ($438)
We fell hard for these braided suede sandals with a three-inch wedge heel.

The Baggio  ($315)
A simple navy slip-on sandal is elevated with stud-and-metal embellishments.

The J. Cole  ($415)
As they are one of the most popular shoes in the line, each season Morris does this ankle bootie shape in a different fabric/material.

The Sanchez  ($426)
These heels are covered in a linen fabric that’s shot through with a bit of gold thread, so they have subtle sheen.

The Zidane  ($506)
We like these peep toe bootie heels so much we’re using them in an upcoming episode of Who What Wear TV! They’re available in black, as shown above, and cream.